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The Aq Test

The Aq Test Was sagt mir das Ergebnis?

Hier findet ihr einen Online-Test auf das Asperger-Syndrom und andere Formen von Autismus (Autismus-Spektrum-Quotient-Test/AQ-Test). Kein Autismustest, weder AQ, ADI, die Beobachtungsskala ADOS oder andere Testverfahren, können einzeln eine Diagnose stellen. Die Tests. ASPERGER FRAGEBOGEN AQ. Entwickelt von S. Baron-Cohen, Cambridge, UK​; deutsche Übersetzung: C.M. Freitag, Homburg. Originalveröffentlichung. Fragestellung: Testtheoretische Analyse des Screening-Fragebogens Autismus-​Spektrum-Quotient (AQ). Methode: Die psychometrischen Kennwerte des AQ. Er ist kostenlos, komplett anonym und wird automatisch ausgewertet. ASPERGER FRAGEBOGEN AQ Entwickelt von S. Baron-Cohen, Cambridge, UK; deutsche.

The Aq Test

The Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ). Der Psychologe Simon Baron-Cohen und seine Kollegen am Cambridge's Autism Research Centre (Zentrum für das. Da vielen Menschen nicht selten gar nicht bekannt ist, dass sie an der Krankheit leiden, ist ein Asperger Test wie zum Beispiel der AQ-Test. Fragestellung: Testtheoretische Analyse des Screening-Fragebogens Autismus-​Spektrum-Quotient (AQ). Methode: Die psychometrischen Kennwerte des AQ. The Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ). Der Psychologe Simon Baron-Cohen und seine Kollegen am Cambridge's Autism Research Centre (Zentrum für das. Online-Tests. Onlinetests können lediglich Tendenzen anzeigen. Für die Ergebnisse kann es auch viele andere Erklärungen geben. Eine gültige Diagnose. Da vielen Menschen nicht selten gar nicht bekannt ist, dass sie an der Krankheit leiden, ist ein Asperger Test wie zum Beispiel der AQ-Test. Machen Sie den AQ Test! Der Psychologe Simon Baron-Cohen und seine Kollegen an Cambridges Autism Research Centre haben einen. Fragebögen und der Test wurden von Baron-Cohen und Kollegen (, , spectrum quotient (AQ): evidence from Asperger syndrome/high-functioning. It is always appreciated when readers leave a comment. Mantenetemi aggiornata. Eurojackot find it easy to do more than one thing at once. This is also a fantastic support. I enjoy meeting new people. The Aq Test

The Aq Test - Gute Autismus-Bücher

Links zu Amazon sind Partnerlinks. Ketelaars, Cees, et al. Die Tests auf unserer Seite sind Screening-Tests. Ich bemerke ständig Muster in Dingen. Verwandte Artikel. The Empathy Quotient EQ is a item questionnaire there is also a shorter, item version designed to measure empathy in adults. My mind wanders and have been called a daydreamer Arminia Bielefeld Bochum distracted. You ask, where to from here? Download Free Hearts Card Game you are on the autism spectrum or not the other struggles are all still very real. I know that I can be a terrible bore, but I have improved at recognising the symptoms of boredom in others. My son is a calm, very intelligent, reading lover boy with no aggresive behaviour, so that has helped him. When I dropped out of Casino Schubert school sophomore year I pursued online classes and got my diploma that way. August 30, at pm. Asperger-Syndrom kann dir eine Einschätzung geben, ob du im Autismus-Spektrum bist. Unbekannte Situationen machen mir Angst. Hier schreibe…. Wakabayashi, Akio, et al. Time is Up! Oder: Eine Diagnose ist Hachinger Hof Oberhaching. Es regt mich nicht auf, Valhalla Symbol mein gewohnter Tagesablauf gestört wird.

Autism Spectrum Quotient or commonly referred to as AQ Test is a survey designed with a set of well researched questions which intends to examine whether grown-ups of normal knowledge have side effects of disorders that are of extreme autism range conditions.

We faced problems while connecting to the server or receiving data from the server. Please wait for a few seconds and try again.

If the problem persists, then check your internet connectivity. If all other sites open fine, then please contact the administrator of this website with the following information.

More as of late, variants of the test for youngsters and adolescents have additionally been distributed. The AQ Test comprises of well researched queries, which are designed to act as a constrained decision maker which is arranged so as to get a deeper insight.

Have had a lot of problems relating to humans these past 35 years. The last one was 15 years ago. Since I have a hard time communicating with people, have never owned a cell phone, use the phone maybe once a week to talk to a family member, have never been in love with past sexual partners etc , I identify as a misanthrope.

Mostly I keep to my bibliomania. I took an empathy test a few minutes ago telling me I scored a 17 out of a possible 80 on an empathy test.

I scored 38 on the test and for some reason that made me feel better. I came across an explanation of Aspergers in a novel I was reading and it just sounded so familiar that I googled it and found you.

I always score like but the sounds questions always stump me. I have times where I shut down, I have a hard time wanting to do anything other than be at home avoiding life outside of my house.

I always thought my social awkwardness was due to being hard of hearing and not catching all that is going around me, and being introverted because of it.

Hi Kimberly I fully understand how difficult and even draining it can be talking and interacting with others.

Some days I prefer to be alone and just have my own space. But that is not always possible and also not always so healthy.

I am so glad you have this quiz here. I showed it to my daughter who we have always suspected she was borderline Aspergers but had no resources to check.

Today, while I was fixing my hair she actually took the quiz and scored a She is now 20 and things have gotten so much more complicated because as a result of a messy custody battle for my son, I had to return to my state and leave her miles behind with roommates who quite possibly have misinterpreted the combination of problems she has with a bad attitude.

She was taking a long time to decide about looking for a job and was really scared that she would not be able to hold a job down and with the added pressure of looking for one things only got worse.

She applied for Social Security Disability here in Florida and got denied four times. Do any of our readers have any resources that could be useful or helpful?

If so then please leave a reply and let us know. Hi Justine and thank you for this website. Oddly enough, I never thought to take it before and just happened to stumble upon it on a google search.

Now my whole life is actually starting to make sense! Severe anxiety and depression, especially when having to deal with new situations involving interacting with other people, have always been the bane of my existence.

My dreams of meeting Mr. I still feel lonely, but not quite as isolated. What do I mean by that? They question it. How does it work?

It makes them smart. They are perceptive, they have a strong intuition. They can decompose things.

For example, often people are having conversations with ulterior motives. If we are particular attracted to the other person we want them to have a favorable perception of us, so we say and do things to encourage this.

We are trying to get the other person to have a particular cognition of us which may or may not be accurate. A person who can see this is not necessarily autistic.

Either unaware of partially unaware. In fact, you are probably very intelligent. One thing to keep in mind is that all human constructs including society, religion and everything else were us attributing purpose to things where there really is no purpose.

In fact, you would not have great authors, artists, filmmakers and probably scientists thinking outside of the box if you disallowed this entirely.

My wife keeps commenting she thinks i have some form of autism, i took your test 3 times and scored 42 and 41 twice.

The only question i changed were the pretending games as a child i thought i did but on second thoughts, all my games as a child involved exercise and never playing cops and robbers and such.

I dont have any friends, i dont have acquaintances. I think the last time i had a friend was when i was 15, im now My wife often tells me i am very blunt and rude to her friends, i just think i speak my mind.

Im not sure i understand the questions about imagination, i consider myself to have a very good imagination and when im walking to pick my children up from school or going to work i often make a story up in my head and play that story over every time i do both until it has a reached a satisfactory conclusion.

Do people with aspergers not have good imaginations? For the emotional aspect. Nor did i have the compunction to go to their funerals my wife told me i should go, my parents expected and asked me to go to all four i went to the first one with my wife and thought it was ridiculous to say things over a dead body who could no longer feel or think.

Now i know that is not normal. I know to think that is not normal. With all that said it seems like im an emotional robot, but i do cry at a film sometimes if im alone or a book.

My wife wants me to get tested but i just dont see how having some affirmation of an abbreviated shortcoming will affect my life. Im currently working, my wifes working we have a very good life we go on holidays, drink alcohol a couple of times a year have all the latest gadgets.

I just dont see what a test would do. I seem to have a very good memory for certain things i can tell you the registration number of most of the cars that go to my childrens school, but i cant seem to remember a conversation i have had a week ago, nor what i cooked for tea the previous day.

I can remember hazy aspects about my life certainly but i can tell you with absolute clarity my grand mothers telephone number from 30 years ago when i was 7.

I know the number and address of every one of the 22 houses my contractor father dragged our family to during my childhood.

If you read all this thank you. The problem with all the known symptoms of most neurological as well mental health difficulties is that they are all similar.

Each label has a set criteria of symptoms which are the same, but in different varying amounts. For example: A child who is abused and neglected will develop relationships problems, is highly anxious and often have behavioural problems.

Similarly a child on the spectrum, could present with the same set of behaviours! As backgrounds are not routinely sought at assessment, many children are wrongly diagnosed, and their needs remain unaddressed.

It defines a set of behaviours! With or without the label! I wish you well. Mine seems to be quite specific, regarding sounds and social interactions.

In Elementary, I was a mess, then less so in Jr. High and Highschool. My confidence crumbled, etc. I now know a lot of it was due to my increasingly overbearing and selfish wife.

In essence while you may have been supported by your immediate family, I was slammed down over and over. I had thought I did pretty good, then I was told just how socially retarded I was, apparently.

But, that only just allows more understanding for yourself and especially others. I am Jessica. I have always struggled with making friends, which made my school years almost terrible.

I have had a few really close friends though, but some of them have really really hurt me, which made me retreat farther into my own shell.

I have always been bullied and invisible. Although I am only 17, I feel like having mental disorders has defined my life as terrible and it will never go well.

It physically hurt to be in social situations when I was younger. At home, I just say Go Away or something else more derogatory.

I would beg God to make me normal but now I am happy to be me. It took a very long time to reach that point. I hope it gets better with time for you.

I used to get bullied when I was younger and still have such a hard time making friends. In time you may find that this curse is also a blessing.

Being a teen is hard to begin with and mental disorders make it even harder. I just wanted you to know that a lot of other people have been in your shoes, and it gets better.

Stay strong. Hi I am a 47 year old woman in Scotland currently waiting for an assessment. I am a mum of 6 grown up children.

I decided to take the AQ test with my son, who has Aspergers to see how he answered the questions, so I could support him better.

Well I was very shocked to score I then went to the doctor and now awaiting an assessment. I have joined a local group for women on the spectrum and go along one a month.

I have also went along to a neuro — diversity clinic where the lady did some tests and said I do show several red flags. The thing is, I have read lots of things about ASD, and witnessed it first hand through my boys.

Maybe I have just made some good adjustments in my life and taught myself many coping mechanisms, without realising. I am just confused about the whole thing I guess.

Although looking in my life I do have burnouts quite regularly and always wondered what caused them. One very confused lady.

I took this test and got a score of 32, went back and moderated some answers and scored 27 — not in the high range, but trending in that direction.

I am most definitely an introvert and much that I read about autism spectrum disorders sounds a lot like introversion combined with hypersensitivity and some level of OCD.

I do hope that focus on autism-spectrum personalities does not reinforce the idea that introversion is some kind of disorder — it is not.

I am not broken, just different from the dominant extroverts. Overall I function fairly well in the world but I have chosen a profession that allows me to work largely alone.

I look forward to and really enjoy my time alone, and need that time to restore after too much stress or too much dealing with people.

Interesting test, look forward to learning more about the research. My score is I am one of the few people with ADS not not have any non verbal problems or sensory issues but I had a wide variety of other autistic traits.

Then feelings of depersonalization set in for about a year as well and I felt my speech deteriorating.

It become harder and harder to express my thoughts clearly, in order and with a sense of depth. However, the stories of middle aged people on here discovering they could have ASD did give me a bit of hope.

So I cannot be sure if I could have a clear diagnosis of ASD or my mental health is overlapping with the symptoms? But I can relate with a lot of the ASD diagnosis criteria and I have scored a 33, which is a fairly consistent score on the other tests I have taken.

I got a score of 29 which according to the score interpretation means I have a borderline indication of an autistic spectrum disorder.

I kind of thought I had mild autism or aspergers when doing a course on Austistic Spectrum Disorders through work and finding that I could relate to some of the information we were given about autism and some of my traits seemed a bit Autism like including wandering off into a world of my own when I am supposed to be listening to what the managers at work are saying etc sometimes.

Also, I remember years ago, my sister saying she thought I was slightly autistic or something and to find out I am actually makes things a lot better!

It will also be a good thing in my job as a support worker because one of the chaps we will be supporting is autistic and this will make it easier to relate to him.

Hi Justine, It took over 2 hours of reading to get to this page but it was a good 2 hours. Hope you see my reply to Barry. My first test scored About that time I learned to climb out of the crib, and a month later my brother was born, so life got easier for a while.

The next blow came when I was 10, alone in the kitchen doing the dishes days worth? A counselor with training in EMDR helped me see the disorder and led me through to healing in sessions.

I say it was the counselor but really it was the Lord who sent me to her. To finally realize that at age 5 I had known that my dad wanted to whup me but that Jesus loved me and I had responded to Him.

Today I took the test again, answered it differently and scored By the way, reading through two years of replys, I see you have become a much warmer person.

Blessings on your ministry to we who suffer and need forgiveness. Interesting test. My wife had always suspected that our son could have ASD.

She also thought I may be effected as well. I scored a 33 and a 29, so I guess I am borderline. I actually have read very little about the effects of ASD.

I have multiple college degrees and have a good paying job that I love as a Mechanical Enginner. I always have been an introvert to a large degree.

I am not sure if that makes it appear that I am borderline ASD or I am just socially inept due to being introverted. Thanks for listening.

I seem to consistently score just under the definitive line on these tests not saying that the tests themselves are a proper diagnosis, but there is usually a line driven or some such saying it is rather likely.

For instance on this particular test, I scored In other words, far enough away from the standard of nuerotypical, but not quite reaching the threshold of near certainty.

I want an answer, but am afraid I would be wasting money. Part of me feels like if I approach them directly about this, the results of any diagnosis might be skewed due to the doctor searching intentionally for things that could be seen as ASD, resulting in a misdiagnosis.

Does anyone have advice for any of this? Thanks for posting the test. I have just this week starting considering this for myself.

I was watching a TV show with a character with Aspergers and started to see myself as a child in the little boy so I decided to do some research and found your online test.

I now see I have struggled with a lot of the Aspergers traits for most of my life. I hope to take this info and make better choices for myself in order to live a more fulfilling life within my comfort zone.

Enough of the cookie-cutter expectations of society. There is enough room in this world for everyone!

Thanks again, Leslie. Yes I agree with you that there is enough space in the world for each of us. Everyone of us with our strengths and challenges.

I also like your comment about making better choices. That is something I need to remind myself to work on each and every day. Hi Justine- I have taken the quiz twice now, with scores of 46 and Each person needs to decide if it will be beneficial to obtain a formal diagnosis or not.

As a starting point you could mention your concern about being on the Autism Spectrum with your doctor. Thank you, really interesting doing the test.

I have a relative with Aspergers and was very interestd in my score, thank you for such a good test, with straight forward interpretation x p.

I believe my husband also has Aspergers, more severe than our son, but he refuses to get checked out. Any advice?? Nicole, Im here as I think I have this condition.

My father can be very selfish also as can I. A few responses come to mind, I engaged with mental health and got a diagnosis only to have my partner of nine years and use my diagnosis to portray me as someone unstable and crazy and not capable of seeing my children.

The second point is of a similar vein people still face discrimination for all kinds of reasons, hence why people avoid issues.

Other people could be concerned of losing jobs or opportunities etc. Another point is some people dont have this condition but they have bad points in other ways ie they cheat they gamble they take drugs etc etc.

Im not saying its not hard for you just hope this is of some help. So, why do you want him diagnosed then?

They love you too. Maybe he would be willing to go through some counseling or therapy, if needed, without having to take the test.

Would anyone recommend trying to get an appointment with my GP? It truly is a personal decision to pursue a formal diagnosis. Some people decide to go ahead and others feel that they are coping ok with life and they decide to live without seeking to be diagnosed.

From what you have said it does sound like you are finding some areas of life challenging. If you feel that these areas are causing you difficulty in your everyday life then in may be beneficial for you to seek out the opinion of your family doctor.

The main reason I am seeking diagnosis is that I am starting to have difficulties at work, particularly with the noise problem.

You may not be aware of this but employers have a statutory duty to make adjustments for employees with disabilities which ASD is classified as in the UK.

I am hoping to be able to concentrate more on the tasks I am comfortable with i. Based on what you have written about how your quality of life is being affected I would definitely recommend at least speaking to your GP to discuss your concerns.

Of course there is no cure, but I think a formal diagnosis will definitely help me to understand my strengths and weaknesses, and make changes where necessary.

I found the National Autistic Society website really useful, particularly the page about the process of being diagnosed.

It helped that he had recently had a patient who had also had the sensory issues. I would definitely recommend that you do the same, as it is obviously affecting your quality of life.

Umm, Hi! I was reading a book about Autism and Aspergers and I realized that I have a lot of similar characteristics. The fixed routines, the characteristic tics, the social ineptitude, certain obsessions.

I used to just write them up to me being socially awkward but I feel like my inability to follow conversations, school my expressions according to situations and even my coordination are getting worse.

And now after getting a score of 35 on this test I am worried. I am a final year medical student. How could I not know if I had Aspergers?

How do I confirm this? Should I see a psychologist? Any help would be much appreciated. Hi You sound like you are doing quite well on your own with the systems and techniques that you have set up for yourself.

I am 63 and a professor and have always been an outsider both physically and in thought. I find conversations with people to be boring and uncomfortable.

My mind wanders and have been called a daydreamer and distracted. When I offer my opinion I speak my mind — the truth and cannot stand being PC or attempts at being diplomatic.

It is how you say it I am told. Why would that make a difference? So, I tend to be the outsider but that is OK for my own sense of peace.

My score is very high, but I suppose it would be good to know where I actually fit in, give some light to what others think is my psychedelic mind.

When I was in the third grade, my mother told me I needed to let other people speak when I spoke with them; I worked on speaking patterns that allowed others to get in comments and even elicit responses from them.

By the time I was in high school I was able to have I thought normal conversations. Serendipitously, a former colleague gave me a call and told me he was just hired as the systems manager at a software vendor, and asked if I wanted to come work for him as a software developer; I accepted, and told my wife.

My wife told me she was glad we could stay in one place, but told me she needed to give me some advice. My wife told me that when I spoke to people I needed to stop speaking when they spoke, and to remain silent until they stopped talking.

I follow this algorithm my wife made for me, and it has greatly improved my ability to converse. None of this has helped.

I have zero friends; even my wife has become a frenemy. In summary, you should not seek a diagnosis. I worked for one company for 19 years and a second for 6 years, both huge household name companies.

I do the occasional contract job for anywhere from a half-day to four months, which is miserable. On my last retail interview I know I blew it when I pointed out an error on their application form which, based on the date on the form, had been there since I am sure I think differently than most people.

It drives my family nuts when I move a pot to the optimum burner and center it to within a couple millimeters of dead center in two axis. Properly identifying and separating recyclables is another.

I recently posted a reply to a question on Quora which has been viewed by over K people and upvoted more than times, which has pleased me immensely.

The topic had to do with tasks people never do right. I also have zero friends and few acquaintances, which has had a negative impact on my job search.

I have zero contact with former co-workers. I never get asked to do anything social such as getting together for a beer or going out for a long bike ride.

Riding my bicycle miles is my only saving grace but I ride alone probably five times out of six and the sixth is a group ride based on Meetup. Depending which way the wind is blowing, my wife is an enemy or a frenemy, as you put it.

We would be divorced if I had a solid job and could afford to live on my own and have health insurance. Instead, she tolerates my presence much of the time but has rightfully run out of patience.

Second comment. I have always lived in my own world, and taken the comments about daydreaming, etc. I have also always been uncomfortable with other people and find conversations about general things to be very boring, even taxing.

However, I have also never tried to fit in because that is also very tiring. So, bottom line is that I am usually the black sheep, especially as an academic.

I cannot be PC or diplomatic and so I say what I believe to be the truth — I wonder why people cannot just say it like it is? It is all about how you say it I am told.

Cannot understand why that would make a difference. Hi, my score is Can there be so many with this problem? I relate to the issues very much and have always had serious problems with social situations.

However, I am 63 and a professor. What do you suggest? I was diagnosed with AS some 10 years ago and I scored 40 on this test, so it is accurate.

Regardless of the score I have to highlight that diagnosis is done by a professional. In any case, one of my parents is a psychologist specialised on the intellectually disabled.

Long story short, I was never diagnosed and probably never will be. Having recently had my 6yr old son diagnosed with Aspergers and myself undertaking a specialised course as a parent, I decided to do the AQ test, especially as I did struggle at schools and have failed work due to illnesses and depression.

Well, my result is Should I raise this with my GP? I am currently unable to work due to be severely disabled by ME and Fibromyalgia and wondered if the test result is a very strong indicator of having ASD and therefore if can be officially diagnosed add this to my disability and if I am too old to get help?

It is often a greater benefit for children and young people to be diagnosed as they can learn skills that will help them to relate and cope better in the world that we live in.

In answer to your question about getting a diagnosis for yourself, I do not have a simple answer. In truth, it needs to be a decision that you make yourself.

What I can say is that it may be a good idea to discuss it with your family and also with your family doctor. Once you bring it up then you can discuss your options and decide on the best way to move forward.

I hear what you are saying. Getting a diagnosis is certainly often not that easy or inexpensive. Frustrating, but true.

I got a score of When I was a kid, of about 8, my parents took me to a children psychologist, because they thought I was too involved in my interests I used to love to know everything about every type of mineral and fish on the planet, and I used to carry around with me a huge notebook with all the information.

My parents sent me to a summer camp, but I refused to interact with the other children, I spent hours and hours with my notebook and my rocks.

This psychologist, however, said that there was nothing wrong with me. A kid used to bother me at school and I bit him on the arm.

As a teenager, my social interactions are difficult at best. I hate social situations which involve new people, or many people.

I like to hang out with my friends in small groups of three or four people at a time. My birthdays, which is when I have them all with me, are always a stressful experience.

When my grandfather died, five months ago, she scolded me because I was able to go on with my life like nothing had happened.

My grandfather had practically raised me and he lived in my house until the day he died. But I try, god knows I try.

I jam just not able to understand how they can feel so much, it is beyond me. I use the computer from 2. My experience is that we all process loss and other experiences in our lives differently.

But I guess many times we expect others to act and behave in the same way that we would. This is often not beneficial.

As in the case with your mother expecting you to react in a certain way that she understands. Or nearly me.

I started replying to one then saw more and more,. No one else like it! It focuses on the negative stuff: frustration, embarrassment, social ineptness feelings.

Everyone does it, aspergers or not. Anyway, Thanks for providing the website, the comments pages certainly brought a knowing tear to my eye and a great opportunity for potential and knowing aspie folks to support each other.

I tried to be reasonable when I answered the test, and still got If I had been completely truthful it would probably be higher.

And still functioning. I should look into this. I am a 16 year old girl in the US, and a few months ago my friend told me that I might have Aspergers.

But I have heard that girls with Aspergers might be a bit more socially developed…. It has been a couple of months since I saw that psychologist, but I started wondering again if I had it.

I scored a 46 on this test. A good first point of research is a professional website from your local area or country. You may considering using the Contact details on the website above.

You can then ask them for more information on finding someone you can talk to in your local area. One advantage of contacting a professional organization such as mentioned above is that they specialize in this field of autism and autism spectrum disorders.

Hence they can point you in the right direction. Hi my name is Marcos, and I got 27 on the test. Since the start of secondary school, I have become socially awkward.

These were the only friends that I had, and without them I felt alone. I wandered what it meant to be friends, and if it can be broken off just like that.

One of my main problems is I find it difficult to laugh. I also find it difficult to socialise or make new friends, and often feel exhausted after going out with friends.

Hi Marcos I always enjoy hearing from our visitors. So thank you for sharing your comments. Again, please keep in mind that this quiz is not a diagnosis!

It may give an indication that further research needs to be done on the topic, but it does not say either way if you are on the autism spectrum or not.

One good place to begin gathering further accurate information on autism and aspergers is to search online.

Then look for a professional organization website for your country or region. I scored a 40 on this test.

Im 38 years old. I was in the US Navy for almost 11 years. Im a licensed engineer by the USCG as a merchant mariner. I have always found getting along with people hard and understanding how others think weird.

As a child i collected baseball cards and cataloged them and even wrote which ones i still needed and put them in numerical order. But other parts of my life were chaotic, i went throuh drugs use but never completely addicted.

I have always had a addictive personality ie.. Gambling and drinking always. I always liked playing RPG even still to this day i like gaming.

I never had many friends and i still dont. I have been through 2 divorces and im married now again. We have a daughter who we think might have austism cause shes 3 years old and still not speaking only making sounds but she is so smart we ask her colors and she knows she remembers me telling her things that i said no too.

She understand when shes doing something she cant that we so no she stops and acknowledges us. So that got me thinking about myself and if i have some form of austism.

I also love numbers i consider myself a numbers guy not words i dont like words word puzzles. Sudoku is one of the best games i ever played i love i like firguring out the combinations of what doesnt go vise what should go its easier for me.

Anyways im hoping i can get some advise on me and my daughter at what steps to take next. Also i have always been super high energy some say im wired Still i am hyper and i love energy drinks i would rather be sped up than slowed down.

I sleep normally but cant sit still very long unless playing game or watching tv or movies that interest me. Also it really bothered me that i had to scroll down responses to be able to make my post.

Can you put the posting area up at the top instead??? I hear what you are saying about scrolling down through all of the other comments to make your own comment.

I understand that can be frustrating. I have the newer comments at the top, but am limited by my theme with the box for visitors to leave new comments down at the bottom of the page.

I do not know of any way to move this comment box up to the top of comments. Sorry about that. I am currently in the process of dealing with the stress on my personality from a marriage with a beautiful wife who has a past full of abuse.

The intense emotional baggage she brought to our marriage and coping with that has accentuated my ADHD and tended me towards depression, but I have always been relatively cold.

I have been toying with the idea of Aspergers for a while now, and the 26 I got on this test is about where I expected myself to fall.

However, I am actually posting a comment for a different reason. I am currently a web developer for the company PerfectCube L.

I have linked the website in the provided field , and have worked on many forms of websites. At first glance, yours appears to be a WordPress site, in which case I may be able to help you with the comment box moving above the comments themselves.

If you are interested, send me an email at the address I attached. I would send you my PerfectCube email, but I am terminating my employment there after 4 years to finish out my Computer Science degree.

I simply cannot do the half school half work with my wife and two children. Anyway, let me know if you would like the help. Thanks for either producing or maintaining such a service to help those struggling to better understand their lives and how to support those they love most.

Hi Adam Thank you for your kind offer to help out with moving the comment box up on the page. I appreciate your kindness.

The possibility of being an autistic recently came to light after I had looked up varying symptoms of dyslexia. A lot of the symptoms applied to myself when I was younger and some now.

I used to make noises repetitively or repeat a certain word over and over again without even noticing. I do now. I would cover my ears.

I can understand things figuratively. Do you think these is enough cause to go get this checked out professionally? I would then suggest that you contact the site and ask them for further information and direction.

They keep labeling her as different things and wanting to medicate her and move on. When my two younger kids started school and their behavior was called out also, I finally realized that Aspergers is hereditary and took the test myself.

Several times. Acting, gaming, and storytelling are very structured and make social interaction so much easier. I also wish you the very best as you are evaluated and seek further information on autism spectrum disorders.

It is certainly not always an easy path, but often knowing brings more peace than just wondering. Who would pretend to do something like that? I just wanted to know if anyone has any advice on what to do.

Thank you, Annonymous. I though could talk about my favourite loves for hours but had no friends to talk to.

Some people were nice to me but I never really had proper friendships until I was an adult. A couple of who have become true friends. Now I just need to make the decision to have it formally diagnosed by my psychologist.

Hi Ann Yes it is not an easy decision whether to seek out a formal diagnosis or not. Nor is the process always fast or simple.

With the family history then it may, as you say, be worth following up to set your mind at ease and know for sure. I truly do wish you all the very best and pray it all works out well for you.

Hello my native language is not english but ill try my best anyways. I have realized now at 25 years of age that i must have aspergers syndrome.

But i have never gotten the slightest idea from any of my psycholofists during alll these years- how is that even possible? I was just treated with medication against depression.

I really feel that this is what i have. I dont know if i love someone. I usually hate myself. I am not sure what to say in response to what you wrote, except that I know you are not alone in your experiences and struggles.

Whether you are on the autism spectrum or not the other struggles are all still very real. I appreciate that. If you do want to pursue this topic further then I suggest that you google and search online for an organization in your local area or at least in your country of residence.

I hope this makes sense. See what you can find and contact them for further suggestions. They are sure to have someone that they can refer you to.

I could have written this myself exept I was eventually diagnosed as Bipolar. My experience with doctors is similar — prescribing anti-depressents for depression.

All those SSRIs did was give me panic attacks. Hi I am 49 and I have 3 children with Aspergers, and other disorder that they have been diagnosis with as well.

I have just taken the test for the fifth time, and come up with the same result every time. I was angry that this kid came into my home and that it was my responsibility to entertain him.

I played alone all of the time. As soon as I was put into a social situation, I would freak out and hide.

My mom admitted to me that she was never able to bond with me as a child. I was born a frank breach with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck.

I actively avoid eating with anyone else. I am a total mess. This is something that has completely controlled me and has dictated my life.

How do I find out the truth? Hi Tracy I appreciate you taking the time to share your own experiences.

This is not always easy to do. I understand that. Especially when it is those that we love and care about who call us weird or at least treat us as if we are!

This should bring back some results that include organizations in your nation or area. You can then contact this organization and ask for their opinion on the next best step for you.

I found out around three years ago that my mother was told that I was autistic when I was 8 years old, this was brushed under the carpet probably due to stigma at the time.

I believe that we learn behaviors as we grow up and continue to learn even into adulthood. So looking people in the eye can also be a learned behavior.

For someone who has to force themselves to look others in the eye it can be very exhausting and draining. I would not say that in every case it rules out someone as being on the autism spectrum.

I truly wish I could tell you a quick and easy solution to your situation, but honestly I know of none. It is not always needed to get a diagnosis. It is different for each individual.

But since this seems to really be bothering you and your wife, I would suggest that you do search for an organization near you that specializes in working with those on the Autism Spectrum.

Justine, Thanks so much for your site. My brother is 53 years old and has never been diagnosed with AS. However, as I have learned more, I believe that this has been his issue for his entire life.

My sister and I — who have our own children to take care of without having to support our brother. What a mess! I really like your online quiz. I will have my brother take it, but when I took it as I thought he would answer, the score was I took it for myself and scored a 6.

No wonder he makes me crazy! However, I am his sister and want him the best for him — even though I have no idea what that is. Hopefully this will be a step in the right direction.

He lives in the Kansas City, MO area. If you have any recommendations for professionals in that area, I would love a referral.

My best, Teresa. I am not able to give you a specific referral in that area. Hi Justine, I have taken the test a number of times over the past few years, since my wife suspected I might have Aspergers.

I always get high scores; the most recent was Is it possible to score so high and Not have Aspergers? Is it likely to be something else?

Thanks, Gawain. Hi Gawain This quiz and the score you get are certainly not a diagnosis. They are just intended to give an indication that may prompt you to seek further professional advice.

If you are concerned then I recommend that you begin with your family doctor and ask them for a referral to someone familiar with autism.

Can Asperger symptoms become more obvious with age??? Now, at older age I have some issues adapting to new circles of people, to the point where I am being criticized by a school principle I am a teacher for being withdrawn from the circle of my coworkers… I am becoming more and more obsessed with numbers like dates of birth and etc.

I am also totally obsessed with real life drama and detective stories. My score was 37… not sure what to think…. Hi Vida I wish that there was a simple answer to your question.

I do know that we learn coping skills during life that may mask traits and indicators that may show up more readily in a child.

Hello, Thanks for creating this website! I am a bit worried though. I see similar traits in the behaviour of my mother and oldest daughter.

I also wonder what will be the best advice if she wants to be a mom one day. Playing games that involve pretending seems to be one of these advantages.

Greetings, Gerben. I never went for any diagnosis as felt uncomfortable about it. I live in relationship and have a daughter, i have a job and never needed help to find one but in social life i find it hard to have friends.

In conversation or chit chats i always could to switch off just like that loosing control over the conversation floating to never-land.

Only have few friends but even though i feel insecure all the time. I can certainly relate to the difficulty in finding and relating to friends.

I wish there was an easy way to find friends and to develop strong friendships, but honestly this is not an area of strength in my own life.

You are correct the score from the quiz does not prove anything. It may only be an indicator. Even then please take the quiz results carefully and seek further advice from a professional who is familiar with autism spectrum disorders.

Just thought I would try it. My son is waiting on Diagnosis its been almost 7 years now. Plus the Consultant didnt think so.

I do have a lot of issues, I dont have friends and I dont go outside much. I find the world difficult but I did have a bad childhood so its probably that.

Anyway cant change now the thought of it terrifies me. Hello Justine, Thank-you very much for the quiz you have made.

Before I mentioned something along the lines of possible PTSD, and she seemed rather displeased so I wish not to upset her, so should this concern be addressed?

Thank-you for your time, I hope you have a fantastic life. Hi Tiana I appreciate you taking the time to visit our website and to leave your comment.

It is hard to give a quick answer to your question. I understand that you do not want to upset the psychologist.

At the same time it is bothering you and hence may be worth considering mentioning your concerns to the psychologist.

Give it some careful thought anyway. Is this worth getting diagnosed? For me, I am great socially, and quite extroverted.

However, in conversations with close friends, I can get very picky on wrong details. For example, a friend of mine insisting on a time of an event being earlier than what I am saying.

I constantly point out to him my evidence referring to the host of the events post and also my screenshot evidence of me messaging the host confirming the time.

The chat turned rather personal from his side- yet I strongly wanted to continue hammering the evident point over a silly matter of an event time.

All I can really say is that if it is bothering you or your mum then it may be worth seeking out a diagnosis. You can always begin by talking to your family doctor and asking for their opinion and perhaps a referral.

It honestly is not possible to diagnose yourself or to rely on the quiz result. So I recommend that you talk to your mum.

Then decide what you both think is the best path to take. I did this test and scored 28, which places me on the autistic spectrum.

As well as my two grandchildren. I think that now that I am well beyond the years of being persecuted at school for the differences, most people fail to recognise me as autistic.

I know that I can be a terrible bore, but I have improved at recognising the symptoms of boredom in others. One can learn to be more sensitive to these sorts of things.

The most important comments that I want to make about this test apply to both me and my sons. I notice that everything that pertains to rote learning is scored high.

We, all three, are hopeless at it. We can calculate things, and reinvent systems, but none of us can remember sing-song information. Words that are not phonetic are also meaningless, until one has learnt that in fact they ARE phonetic in some other system, say French, Italian or Middle English.

My children and I could not learn maths tables by rote.

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